Who We Are

The GSEF Mission Statement

The Greensburg Salem Education Foundation’s goal is to encourage community-wide participation and philanthropy to generate resources to enhance learning and promote success for students in the Greensburg Salem School District.

Lifeskills teacher Ali Cox wrote a grant to start a Pencil Store at Hutchinson Elementary. Her students help order supplies, stock the store, wait on customers, and do all of the bookkeeping. What a great way to learn!

Focus Areas:

  • To create initiatives which support imagination and creative educational opportunities for excellence and innovation.
  • To collaborate with educational, cultural, public, and private entities to enhance and enrich the educational experience of students.
  • To develop supportive relationships between the district, community, and alumni in order to raise funds for the purpose set forth above.


  • Raise private funds to enhance and expand educational opportunities for our students.
  • Award grants to teachers for educational opportunities beyond the scope of the school district’s budget.
  • Support education initiatives by student clubs/organizations.
  • Develop supportive relationships between the schools and community that enrich our students.
  • Encourage parent, family, and community involvement in our schools.
Teams of GSHS students worked after school to create robots for the SeaPerch Challenge funded by the Office of Naval Research and Greensburg Salem Education Foundation.