Membership runs from July 1 to June 30

Membership Levels

Memberships Support our community

Cub (student membership)
Cost: $10

Cost: $25 – $49

Golden Lion
Cost: $50 – $99

Lion’s Pride (individual/business membership)
Cost: $100 – $499

Golden Mane (individual/business membership)
Cost: $500 +

How to Join GSEF

There are currently two ways to join the GSEF:

1. Complete this application.

2.  Payroll deduction for Greensburg Salem employees

If you have a question about donating, please contact:

The full amount of your contribution may be deductible, depending on your specific circumstances, since we have not provided any goods or services to you in whole or partial consideration of your contribution. The deductibility of your contribution is subject to the applicable limits established by law and by other Internal Revenue Service regulations. This acknowledgement is provided pursuant to Section 170 (f) (8) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.