Past Awardees

For previous Golden Apple Grant Awardees, please see the lists below.

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Awardee – Project Name

Amy Harvey — Hutchinson Elementary, Sensory Solutions for Success —$910
Pam Leonard — Metzgar Elementary, Bricks, Mortar & Multi-Media — $539
Holly Miller — Nicely Elementary, Whiteboard Writing Works — $344
Cindy Mondi — Hutchinson Elementary, Listening Centers for Kindergarten Classrooms — $522
Cindy Mondi — Hutchinson Elementary, STEAM Activities for Kindergarten Classrooms — $666
Jessica Pritts — Nicely/Metzgar Elementaries, Behavior Booths Schoolwide Positive Behavior Reward Program  — $517 


Awardee – Project Name

Zana Aebi — Hutchinson Elementary, Improving On-Task Behavior for Students with ADD & ADHD — $965
Teresa Barkley — Greensburg Salem Middle School, Wet Lands – The Incredible Journey — $606
Cheryl Carnicelli — Hutchinson Elementary, Think, Make, Share @ Hutch — $682
Cheryl Harper — Greensburg Salem High School, Sea Perch Innovative Underwater Robotics — $676
Jessica Haerr — Greensburg Salem Middle School, GO PRO To Go — $325                
Amy Harvey — Hutchinson Elementary, Sensory Solutions for Continued Success — $958
Mary Jo Holtzer — Nicely Elementary, Building Independence — $540
Lynn Jobe — Greensburg Salem High School, Fitness Center Refurbishing Project — $2,500
Jessica Pritts — Nicely Elementary, Sensory Integration to Increase On-Task Behavior—$511
Andrea Redinger — Greensburg Salem High  School, What Will You Create? — $1,062 
Michelle Sparrow — Hutchinson Elementary ,Think, Make, Share @ Hutch — $806
Liz Zeglin — Greensburg Salem Middle School, 21st Century Learning — $617

GSEF Supports the Arts$400 to both the GSHS and to the GSMS Spring Musical Productions

2014-15 Golden Apple Grants Awards

Awardee – Project Name

Cheryl Carnicelli Focus on the Future: Fifth Grade Career Investigation
Allison Cox Hands on Math: Hutchinson Pencil Store
Jaclyn Fawcett iAlgebra 2/iAA Stats
Jenna Galloway A TOUCH of Help – Sensory Integration
Guidance Department Golden Achievement Awards: AP Testing Incentive
GSMS — Strengthening Families & Youth Program
Kristy Hostetler Promoting Reading Through School/Home Literacy Connections
Matt King Action Cam Adventures
Molly McMaster Preparing Students for the 21st Century
Cindy Mondi Common Core Mentor Text Library
Robin Moyer Picturing Topics
Ashley Nestor — Young Writers Camp, Summer 2014
Lisa Thomas Collaborative Culture Seat Sacks
Steve Tribble Elementary Summer 2015 Instrumental Music Program
Kristen Vassar Android Tablets to Customize Learning
Jessica Zahorchak Grade 2 Leveled Reading Lounge

2013-14 Golden Apple Grant Awards

Awardee – Project Name

Courtney DoranLiteracy Through the Genres
Martha FaustListen & Read
Martha FaustOrganizing & Preparing for Success
Susan GlowaDramatic Arts to “Les Miserables”
Molly McMasterLiteracy Through the Genres
Kim PalmiscnoChoreograph: Swing to Samba
Jessica Pritts“Lions Roar” – Mentoring Program
Beth SimoneEnhancing Mock Trial Performance
Through Media