Taryn Six (Class of 2015) holding her winning design in the GSEF Logo Contest held at the high school

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Board of Directors
We maintain a diverse group of hard-working, experienced community members and school district employees on our board and we’re always interested in bringing on new people.  Whether you’re just out of college, a working professional or stay-at-home mom, a seasoned fund-raising professional or new to volunteering and not-for-profit work, we’re open to considering how your skills might help our organization.  Qualified candidates need only be willing to attend monthly board meetings, serve on a sub-committee and have a passion for Greensburg Salem and education.

Special Events
Throughout the year, GSEF needs help coordinating and running a variety of different special events.  Needs range from leading or organizing an event to simply making phone calls, sealing envelopes or folding flyers, making deliveries. Help with these activities doesn’t necessarily require you to be part of a formal committee, just willing to roll up your sleeves and help with some simple tasks.

Your Company’s Resources
Would your place of work be willing to donate paper, provide graphic design or printing services, provide professional guidance on an issue or donate some other free product or service?  In-kind gifts such as these are extremely valuable to GSEF.  They keep our operating costs down and provide a tax-deductible gift for the donating organization.